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May 25, 2018

On this episode of the KollabCast, Marvin sits down with a few of the creative minds behind, As We Babble On, the upcoming new play from the historic East West Players Theatre. Director Alison De La Cruz, Actor Bobby Foley, and Playwright (and returning guest) Nathan Ramos sit down with host Marvin to chat about the play, how casting led to rewriting characters to encompass mixed-race issues, and the importance of representation on the stage.

Learn more about East West Players and the play As We Babble On

This week’s intro & outro music is “Calling For You” the new single from Kollab Alum Travis Atreo

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Featured guests in this episode:

Nathan Ramos 
Playwright, As We Babble On

Alison De La Cruz 
Director, As We Babble On

Bobby Foley 
IG: @hawaiiansurfboards
Actor, Orson in As We Babble On

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